We albare feetl know what they say about the Shoemaker’s kids – only kids on the block without shoes!!

I’ve been providing truth to that concept!  I’ve been neglecting my own business  while I take care of other people’s needs.  Not just for my clients, but some of my volunteer work as well as taking time to help friends and family in need.

I started this Virtual Assistant business because I enjoy working and helping an idea grow.  And I love learning new things and exploring new ideas. But I  haven’t had time to pay attention to promoting my services through my website and Facebook page because – you guessed it! – I’m working on other people’s tasks!   Is that a good thing or is it a bad thing?

This, I’m sure is a common problem for everyone.  The trick is to know how to not only prioritize your tasks, but also to know when to ask for assistance.  I’ve had to reach out to friends to help me out with some of my personal tasks so I can get to the end of my To Do List.  Sure, I’m quite capable of doing it myself, but sometimes a helping hand makes all the difference in my world.


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