Barbara worked for me as an Executive Administrative Assistant for approximately 5 years while I was President of KPMG Performance Registrar Inc. She was an excellent administrator and worked very well with our team of Environmental and Auditing professionals. She also interacted very professionally with our varied Canadian and US clients. Her work was always of the highest quality and I recommend her highly for her administrative and personal skills.

Michael Alexander

Principal, Lindsay-Alexander Consulting

We have worked with Barbara for more than 10 years and during that time have found her work to be efficient, complete, and timely.  Barbara understands the suite of Microsoft products and is able to deliver professional results in a consistent manner – and she has been a pleasure to work with.

Mark Gage

Principal, ISO Metrix Inc.

I first worked with Barbara at BSI in the Vancouver office, and again later at KPMG. I’ve also worked with her when I was working as an independent contractor since leaving KPMG 6 years ago. She has always proved to be willing to step in and provide whatever assistance was required – no matter how small or large the task.  She is extremely dependable and knowledgeable and is generous with sharing any information or insights she believes may be of value to you either personally or professionally.  I have no hesitation in calling on her for support of any kind.

Tim Clarke

Independent Contractor

I really value the help Barbara provides. She has a great mix of corporate and small business experience. She is able to recommend the right systems and tools, do the work and provide insight into what is really important.

It takes a lot of smarts and background to bring the value that she provides to me and to my clients. If you need a Virtual Assistant, Barbara is excellent and highly reliable!

Francis Waller

Principal, Gap Management

I had the great pleasure of working with Barbara while we were getting Executive Wireless off the ground in Vancouver. She was both enjoyable to be around but extremely efficient at taking care of all the details that seemingly fall through the cracks in a startup.
If you get a chance to work with Barbara you will find there are no cracks for things to fall through. She will be there to get it done and smart enough not to need a lot of direction.

Mike Grabham

Inventor, Founder, Package Guard Inc.

For several years I worked with Barb and watched her corral, shepherd, and organize young, hyperactive IT management executives. Barb excelled at detailed event planning, organizational and operational crisis management and dedication to the company ideals and goals. I learned a lot from watching her in action and would welcome her on my team any day.

Andy Bridges

President, DB Investment & Trading

I met Barbara when she was researching on-line medical record systems for one of her clients, who has now become one of our clients.  She has been one of the most brilliant and forward thinking assistants that I’ve worked with. While our solution is a cloud-based medical record system for physicians, in which Barbara had no prior experience with, she was able to navigate through the system with exceptional swiftness and expertise identifying the key system features which would be most beneficial to her client. Barbara is an  absolutely amazing assistant that helps bring people and technology together.

Vincent Chi

Customer Success Specialist, InputHealth Systems Inc.

I worked with Barbara Puchala during the years she worked as the KPMG certification group’s administrative assistant. As administrative assistant to the group, Barbara had to draw upon a wide range of skills and adapt to constant change and demands. She responded to these demands and pressures with skill and good humour and performed her tasks with diligence and efficiency. If you are looking for an administrative assistant who can effectively and efficiently perform assigned tasks, adapt to change and provide solutions to problems and barriers, Barbara is the one for you.

Craig Roessler

Senior Manager, KPMG Performance Registrar Inc.