Facebook businessFor some reason, Facebook has been on my mind a lot.  I keep running into info about using it to promote your business and effectively using it to attract new customers.  I even received an invitation to Facebook’s Boost Your Small Business event which was held in Richmond, BC on July 17th.

Being the curious type and with Facebook at the top of my awareness meter, I signed up and dutifully showed up.  As always I was hoping to learn something new – but then Facebook is pretty straightforward, right?  What’s new to learn?

In addition to the various Chambers of Commerce (great organizations), the various levels of government were there – including the Federal Minister of Industry and the Minister of State (Seniors).  They were full of enthusiasm for small / medium businesses, and with some impressive statistics of the value this sector brings to the Canadian economy.

But down to business – what can Facebook do for the small business owner?

Apparently a lot more than I gave it credit.  We have this tool that quite literally reaches billions of people every day, and, believe it or not, on average we check in with Facebook 17 times a day!  That’s a lot of opportunity to share your message!

The most interesting thing I learned during this morning’s event was that I can take my email list, create a CSV file and use it to target those people, and people of a similar profile through Facebook.  So rather than putting your message out to billions of people over the world, you can zero in on your target market, right where you are or where you want to be.  It is a marketing tool that used right can get you a lot of bang for your buck!  Check Custom Lists out with Facebook – facebook.com/advertising.

For a little time and a little money, a small business could increase their profile considerable on Facebook – and have its message seen by a lot of potential customers right in their own neck of the woods.

Look into it – it could be a valuable tool in your media plan.

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