Our current global health experience will change the way we interact with each other and somethings will not go back to normal.   Social distancing could very well become our new norm.

The use of the internet for connecting and reaching out will no doubt increase.  The use of remote workers will probably increase as people learn about how to get things done without having to be ‘at the office’ and clients and customers learn how much they can get accomplished without the need to go to the store or office.

Now is a good time to do some strategic planning and set up your post-corona virus plans for moving forward. 

Are you planning to offer special discounts or special offers for the return to business?  Get your ducks in a row now so when the time comes you’re ready to go.

We all know there will be a lot of great incentives from businesses to get people back into their stores, so start planning now.

The internet will probably feature even more in business operations, so what areas of your business can you start doing virtually before the customer comes to you physically? How can you reach out to your clients without being physically face-to-face? Can you offer on-line shopping?  Or virtual meetings?  Product comparisons and reviews for items you carry? Virtual meetings, webinars, tutorials? Now is a good time to research the processes needed.

Were you planning to make changes to your business? Now is an excellent time to review those plans and take into account eventualities such as this.  What processes can you implement going forward to mitigate the effects of something similar in the future. This will no doubt now be included in a lot of business plans.

On the positive side, we have more time on our hands as business owners, something we often complain we do not have a lot of when it comes to working on our business plans, promotions, marketing, etc.  Now is a good time to take time to review what your business has been doing, what you want your business to be doing and start your strategic business planning for what comes next.

It is also a good time to rev up your social media.  Reach out to your customers offering support and reassurance – or even some funny or inspirational memes to help lighten the day.  Most people are self-isolating, and it is a new experience for them as well.  Stay connected with them.  It is also a good time to plan, create and schedule your social media posts for the next several weeks. You will want to keep connecting with them when the all-clear is sounded.

The web is full of information and articles about what this challenge is doing to businesses around the world and the cascading effects on everyone from big business to small; from brick and mortars storefronts to web-based enterprises. There is a lot written about how businesses are dealing with this current downturn. Take this opportunity to check out what your competitors are doing and what is happening in your industry – especially in your area.  Are there ideas out there that you could implement in your own plans?

There are a lot of things written from a global viewpoint, remember some of these things also apply to your local community – the community where your customers and clients live.

Business outlooks seem bleak, yes.  It is difficult to stay positive when your income is dropping and your expenses are piling up; when you are facing the possibility that you may not be able to re-open your doors; when you are facing a bleak financial year; or when you don’t know where you will be when this is over. You can sit and wait it out, or you can plan to move forward.

As the adage says:  “The person who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

As with all things, this too will pass. Remember, even the Black Plague ended!   Things will change – like it or not.  Our businesses will adapt, or not; survive or not – it is up to you to develop the strategies to steer your business to success.  Planning ahead is a vital step to accomplishing that.

Look forward and start planning for what’s next.  Get ready to start fresh and renewed when your doors open again!

What changes are you planning for the post-corona virus business landscape?