Collaborating with small business owners
to reduce chaos & grow their bottom line

I’m here to help you get it done!

Get what done?
Well, what do you need?

Do you have big goals?

    Goals like . . .

    • Finding that life and work balance?
    • Being able to do more in less time?
    • Focusing on projects that grow your business instead of non-billable day-to-day tasks?
    • Streamlining your processes to create easy, stress-free work flow?
    • Vacationing in tropical climes?

    Does your To Do list send you running for cover? 

    • Does your list seem to be on steroids – just growing and growing and growing?
    • Are more and more Task Items becoming ‘urgent’ with each passing day?
    • Are there so many Priority One tasks that you don’t know where to start?
    • Are tasks falling between the cracks?
    • Are you afraid to even look at your list?

    Then rest assured – help is here!

    The Admin Whiz is here to provide you with the solutions to getting your To Do List under control and checked off.

    And give you more Time!

    I specialize in collaborating with small business owners to efficiently and effectively grow their business by providing the services, strategies and solutions needed to free up their time – time to achieve their goals.

    With over 20 years of experience in just about all the aspects of administration,  there is very little I haven’t done.

    The most rewarding aspect of my services is helping small business owners accomplish their goals by taking over some of the mundane administration tasks, tasks that take time away from the revenue producing tasks that only they can do.

    So let’s talk!

    Contact me via email to arrange a time to chat about how we can get it done.