Promoting Business on Facebook

Promoting Business on Facebook

Facebook businessFor some reason, Facebook has been on my mind a lot.  I keep running into info about using it to promote your business and effectively using it to attract new customers.  I even received an invitation to Facebook’s Boost Your Small Business event which was held in Richmond, BC on July 17th.

Being the curious type and with Facebook at the top of my awareness meter, I signed up and dutifully showed up.  As always I was hoping to learn something new – but then Facebook is pretty straightforward, right?  What’s new to learn?

In addition to the various Chambers of Commerce (great organizations), the various levels of government were there – including the Federal Minister of Industry and the Minister of State (Seniors).  They were full of enthusiasm for small / medium businesses, and with some impressive statistics of the value this sector brings to the Canadian economy.

But down to business – what can Facebook do for the small business owner?

Apparently a lot more than I gave it credit.  We have this tool that quite literally reaches billions of people every day, and, believe it or not, on average we check in with Facebook 17 times a day!  That’s a lot of opportunity to share your message!

The most interesting thing I learned during this morning’s event was that I can take my email list, create a CSV file and use it to target those people, and people of a similar profile through Facebook.  So rather than putting your message out to billions of people over the world, you can zero in on your target market, right where you are or where you want to be.  It is a marketing tool that used right can get you a lot of bang for your buck!  Check Custom Lists out with Facebook –

For a little time and a little money, a small business could increase their profile considerable on Facebook – and have its message seen by a lot of potential customers right in their own neck of the woods.

Look into it – it could be a valuable tool in your media plan.


New Stuff!

I love new stuffThere is soooooooo much out there!

Right now I’m working on a photo contest for FaceBook for a non-profit group.  Some really nifty programs out there to accomplish this.  We’re using ShortStack – a pretty awesome program for creating Facebook apps and building engaging social media marketing campaigns — contests, promotions, etc.  Best of all, if you are a small organization, they have a free version!  I love free!

You can check this out at  (No I’m not being paid to promote this product).  As with any product, check it out with your own specific needs in mind to determine whether or not it is suitable for you.  One size does not fit all!

Another cool program I’ve been using is Canva ( A really super app that let’s you create graphics for all kinds of uses.  Trying to find a graphic that fits FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram post, a postcard or business card, a poster, a presentation, letterhead, menu, or ? can be a bit daunting, not to mention time-consuming.  You have to make sure it is the right size, has the right colours, has the right font – and on it goes.  You can spend a lot of time doing it yourself, or hiring someone to do it for you.  Canva has all these templates ready to go, and all of it can be customized for your own unique look.  There are free elements available as well as fee based elements (starting at $1).  If you upload your own elements, there is no charge.  The program is very simple (and its free!).  The site has lots of help and lots of real life examples for inspiration. (I made the above graphic all by myself in under 10 minutes!)

I love learning new stuff – it is the best part of every job I ever had, and now that I’m working for myself, it is even more fun than ever. I can now learn anything that strikes my fancy.  I can’t think of any better way to stay excited about Life.

Remember when we were in school and those long, warm and sunny days were starting to appear more and more often as the end of June approached?  Remember how we longed for each day to come to an end so we would be one day closer to Summer Vacation?  Remember how we used to say that once we were out of school, we would never have to study again?  Little did we know!!   Life is all about learning and today’s world offers so very much to learn and share.  The human mind is an awesome thing and the ideas that it comes up with are equally awesome.  (Am I saying awesome too much?  I can’t think of a better word that truly means ‘awe-inspiring’).

The Photo Contest will be using both of these apps and I can’t wait to see the final results!



The Shoemaker’s Kids . . .

We albare feetl know what they say about the Shoemaker’s kids – only kids on the block without shoes!!

I’ve been providing truth to that concept!  I’ve been neglecting my own business  while I take care of other people’s needs.  Not just for my clients, but some of my volunteer work as well as taking time to help friends and family in need.

I started this Virtual Assistant business because I enjoy working and helping an idea grow.  And I love learning new things and exploring new ideas. But I  haven’t had time to pay attention to promoting my services through my website and Facebook page because – you guessed it! – I’m working on other people’s tasks!   Is that a good thing or is it a bad thing?

This, I’m sure is a common problem for everyone.  The trick is to know how to not only prioritize your tasks, but also to know when to ask for assistance.  I’ve had to reach out to friends to help me out with some of my personal tasks so I can get to the end of my To Do List.  Sure, I’m quite capable of doing it myself, but sometimes a helping hand makes all the difference in my world.